Remember shows? Weren’t they sick?!

If/when the COVID19 pandemic passes, tours of bands that appear on TM Recs will be posted here.


Sulfuric Cautery (US), Girth (US) and Contaminated are laying waste to the Australian east coast this coming March. If you have any questions or want to know more about the shows, email info@terriblemutilation.com!

BRISBANE March 2nd: + Shitgrinder @ Unite
BYRON BAY March 3rd: + Shackles @ Howl and Moan Records
SYDNEY March 4th: + Avian Terror @ Hideaway Bar
CANBERRA March 5th: + Blight Worms and Bloodmouth @ The Basement
MELBOURNE March 6th: Girth, Internal Rot, Clogged, Incinerated @ Bar Open
MELBOURNE March 7th: Sulfuric Cautery, Sanctioned, Asbestosisis, GBS, Rawhead, ESP Mayhem, Faceless Burial and Derailment @ Tote