FORNICATADOR – “Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse” and FUMIGATED / DEATH FETISH split CDs are OUT NOW!!!


Upcoming release update – MURDERMAN CD EP out in November, FUMIGATED/DEATH FETISH sent to press, FORNICATADOR finally out soon

ALLLRIGHT!!! Coming up in November will be the debut EP of the hyperblasting gore-soaked Daytonian brutal death/grind unit MURDERMAN. “Body Disposal Expert” brings a shockingly forceful and maniacal mix of early 2000s brutal death like INTERNAL SUFFERING, GORETRADE (early) and CARNAL filtered through the grimy lens of the last decade’s raw grind/gore punishment ala SULFURIC […]

RAWHEAD / RAW ADDICT / BLUE HOLOCAUST / ACTIVE STENOSIS split CD is in stock NOW, postage and new releases update

The RAWHEAD/RAW ADDICT/BLUE HOLOCAUST/ACTIVE STENOSIS split CD has just landed @ Terrible Mutilation! One of the toughest and meanest goregrind splits in a long time. Order your copy NOW!

Unfortunately, longer than usual postage delays are to be expected both within Australia and overseas due to government restrictions. Packages will likely take some time to turn up, so please be patient. If you have any questions about your order, pls email

The FORNICATADOR – “Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse” CD has been delayed, also due to production issues arising as a result of the pandemic and government restrictions. I’ll have more news regarding its release soon.

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Out later this year – ACTIVE STENOSIS / SULFURIC CAUTERY split CD!!!

Coming up later this year on Terrible Mutilation is an ACTIVE STENOSIS / SULFURIC CAUTERY split CD!!! Needless to say, this will be an unbearably brain-busting slab of gore-soaked auricular abuse! More info as it comes…

FUMIGATED / DEATH FETISH split preview tracks up now & an ARCHGATHUS / MORGUE BREATH split CD is in the works!

FUMIGATED / DEATH FETISH split preview tracks up now at Bandcamp and YouTube! If all goes to plan, the CD should be out sometime in September. Also news is an upcoming split ARCHAGATHUS / MORGUE BREATH split CD! Canada’s princes of mince up against California’s finest one man grinding death metal…

Out soon – FUMIGATED / DEATH FETISH split CD!!!

Sickeningly heavy and churning death/grind on both sides!!! For fans of MORTICIAN, HEMDALE, Midwest grind and tuning to Z! Members of both bands play/have played in PIZZA HI FIVE, LUNK, PUTRID STU etc. so you know there’s not gonna be any fucking around here… Check out a FUMIGATED preview track on YouTube:


I will be unable to post orders from today until 27-07-20. The shop will still be open, but all orders will not be posted until 27-07-20. If you have any questions about existing orders, pls email and we’ll sort it out.

FORNICATADOR – “Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse” CD EP out soon!

ith 20 minutes of disgustingly crushing and enuclearized as fuck war metal savagery fit only for psychos who pound DIOCLETIAN, ARCHGOAT, WITCHRIST and the ever-quickening collapse of global order for breakfast…

MEATAL ULCER – “The Fog Had Begun To Churn With Flesh Enthusiasm” CD is OUT NOW!!!

Since being shat out into this horrible world in 2012, MEATAL ULCER has consistently produced the most heinous and psychotic cybergore imaginable – truly demented shit that can’t be faked! This CD collects as many releases as can fit on one disc from the beginning up to previously unreleased tracks from 2017…