With 20 minutes of disgustingly crushing and enuclearized as fuck war metal savagery fit only for psychos who pound DIOCLETIAN, ARCHGOAT, WITCHRIST and the ever-quickening collapse of global order for breakfast, FORNICATADOR blow any and all opposition clean off the kitchen table! “Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse” discharges five unrelentless rounds of explosive goat-fuelled annihilation leaving none to spare!

Dug up and boiled down from the horrible accident of humanity that is the American Midwest comes 6 tracks of gut-bursting death/grind abuse dealt out by FUMIGATED and DEATH FETISH. Members of both bands have done time for committing heinous acts against music in PIZZA HI FIVE, LUNK, PUTRID STU and more, so that should be a clear sign that there’s not gonna be any fucking around here! Unmissable for sickos into HEMDALE, MORTICIAN, mid-90s AUTOPSY and multiple organ failure!