ALLLRIGHT!!! Coming up in November will be the debut EP of the hyperblasting gore-soaked Daytonian brutal death/grind unit MURDERMAN. “Body Disposal Expert” brings a shockingly forceful and maniacal mix of early 2000s brutal death like INTERNAL SUFFERING, GORETRADE (early) and CARNAL filtered through the grimy lens of the last decade’s raw grind/gore punishment ala SULFURIC CAUTERY and DETERIORATION! Check out the video for “Slices of Cranial” below and weep:

The FUMIGATED/DEATH FETISH split CD has been sent to press and should be out by mid October if all goes to plan! Sickeningly heavy and churning grinding death metal on both sides – for fans of MORTICIAN, HEMDALE, Midwest grind and tuning to Z! Members of both bands play/have played in PIZZA HI FIVE, LUNK, PUTRID STU etc. so you know there’s not gonna be any fucking around here. Get in the bin and check out a song from each band below:

The FORNICATADOR – “Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse” CD is FINALLY on track for a mid-late October release after a serious of spectacularly stupid pressing plant fuck ups. Frustrating to say the least, but I am stoked to say that this slab of crushing black/death metal punishment will soon be out and shit cunts into DIOCLETIAN, ARCHGOAT and WITCHRIST are gonna eat it right up – cop a load of it here:

Also, there’ll be a beefy distro update this weekend with the likes of BAPHOMET, MALIGNANCY, WRITHING, MEATAL ULCER, FLUIDS and plenty more being added to the webstore. No rest for the ignorant!