VOMI NOIR – “Les Myasmes De La Deliquescence” preview tracks up now!

After setting a new standard for murderous grind/gore in their previous split and EP releases, VOMI NOIR are finally ready to unleash their first full length! From the twisted mind and gnarled hands of France’s finest cultural export comes an absolute whirlwind assault of contorted, maniacal riffing, pulverizing, bludgeoning blasts and a multitude of tortured vocal grotesqueries fit ONLY for black-gloved sadists that can’t get enough of early CARCASS, REPULSION, DEAD INFECTION and BLUE HOLOCAUST! This will be available in a regular jewel case edition and a very limited special edition for die hard CD nerds.

LISTEN: https://terriblemutilation.bandcamp.com/album/preview-les-myasmes-de-la-deliquescence