SEPTAGE – “Septisk Eradikasyon” 7″ now up for pre-order – limited copies so get in quick!

A buncha copies of SEPTAGE’s new 7″EP “Septisk Eradikasyon” are on their way from Me Saco Un Ujo and are up in the Terrible Mutilation shop for pre-order!

DERAILMENT – “Come Clean In Death” CD is OUT NOW!!!

Fans of Acid Bath, Melvins, Godflesh and Crowbar should add this to your weight-gain anti-workout playlist for maximum effectiveness!

DERAILMENT CD pre order is live and will be out April 15th, NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION new album distribution

Pre-orders are now live for the DERAILMENT – “Come Clean In Death” CD!!! Out April 15th, co-released with Behind The Mountain Records (PL)! // NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION new album distribution for Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia regions

SANCTIONED – “Annexation” CD is OUT NOW!!!

Members from Melbourne legends THE KILL, KUTABARE, OPEN WOUND bash out 15 tracks of raging ’90s styled crust grind in the vein of ASSUCK, DISRUPT, HIS HERO IS GONE x the bleak and hopeless vibe of ACME! Grab a copy from the shop or the Terrible Mutilation Bandcamp NOW!

DERAILMENT – “Come Clean In Death” CD sent to press!

Sitting right in that sweet spot at the nexus point of stupidity, futility and brutality you’ll find the hulking pile of human rubble that is Derailment. Made up from folks in Contaminated, Internal Rot, Headless Death, Rawhead and Incinerated this is where they flex their more blubbery muscles and exorcise the tawdry horrors and joyous […]

MURDERMAN – Body Disposal Expert CDs distribution in the US

Americans, keep an eye out for MURDERMAN CDs arriving at Blast Addict Records/the band over the next few weeks – some of you may have noticed that they’re still not available locally. The initial lot of band copies (100) were delivered to the wrong address by USPS, and I’ve just sent off another box of 100, so I hope to fuck that it turns up safely.

MURDERMAN – “Body Disposal Expert” CD is OUT NOW!!!

The debut EP of hyperblasting Daytonian ultragoregrinding brutal death metallers MURDERMAN is here!

FORNICATADOR – “Baphomet Fellatio Apocalypse” and FUMIGATED / DEATH FETISH split CDs are OUT NOW!!!

Disgustingly crushing and enuclearized as fuck war metal savagery // Six tracks of gut-bursting death/grind abuse dealt out in the way ONLY freaks from the American Midwest can!

Upcoming release update – MURDERMAN CD EP out in November, FUMIGATED/DEATH FETISH sent to press, FORNICATADOR finally out soon

Read on, too much fucked shit to include a WordPress excerpt

Out later this year – ACTIVE STENOSIS / SULFURIC CAUTERY split CD!!!

Needless to say, this will be an unbearably brain-busting slab of gore-soaked auricular abuse! More info as it comes…